Unfortunately, movies and T.V programs have given some parents the impression that Taekwondo and other martial arts are merely ways of inflicting harm to another individual. Some struggle with the decision of whether to allow their child to begin the practice of Taekwondo. 
At Tiger George's Taekwondo we seek to change that image and impression. We attempt to educate the youngsters and their parents that Taekwondo is not only about the physical training aspect, but also about its philosophy of strength tempered by gentleness (which lies at the core of the art).
As you consider whether you would like your son or daughter to begin the study of Taekwondo, you may want to first have him or her visit our school to see if Taekwondo can hold his or her interest.  After that, you may wish to visit the school yourself as we hope to dispel many of the myths that had previously led parents to think twice about letting their child become involved with Taekwondo.
While Taekwondo is in fact a means of self-defense, it is also a vibrant, living art that is growing with the American public.  It's doctrine and codes build toward the complete physical and mental development of each practitioner. Many find Taekwondo to be an excellent family activity.  It allows each member to come together a few times a week to practice, share new experiences, and grow as individuals and families.